Why is Microsoft now running Windows Ten for free? Let’s not know the details …


During the period of Windows XP, if the product key was not entered, Microsoft would have banned the use of the entire computer after a certain period of time. If they did not enter the key in the later versions of Windows, they would have imposed various restrictions. But when it comes to Windows 10, what is the pity?

Even if you don’t enter the product key, you can use Windows 10 comfortably. Just set the wallpaper and change the color of the window without any restrictions to use the OS. Why so much love all of a sudden? Let’s conduct an autopsy.

Why is Microsoft allowing Windows 10 to be used for free now?

No brother, it’s not free from the mind. Beta also has a business policy here. The next level brothers have been using the pirated version of Windows all their lives, Microsoft knows whether you will ever pay or not, and they are not sitting still hoping. (Well, I’ve gotten a little more yes, I’ve been using pirated Windows e until 2016!)

But even then Microsoft wants you to use their products. Whether you pay for Windows or not, they will make money from different products by cheating, even under your nose! Windows 10 is not a cheap operating system. If you want to use the original version, you have to spend a lot of money. In fact, it is possible to build two or four potato PCs with the money you buy for Windows.

Those who came from Windows 7 or 8 are using Windows 10 for free. It can be used for free in many different ways, even if you don’t activate it, it doesn’t matter. Yes, there is a watermark on the desktop below, “Active Windows” – but you don’t have to face any more problems. But why brother Ray? Why? Is there an allergy to Microsoft’s money?

When you use something for free, you own the product.

You’re constantly helping Microsoft to make billions without having to pay for Windows. How? The answer is in many ways.

You see, Microsoft’s Windows is full of many more products. For example, let’s talk about office applications. You will be repeatedly shown ads to buy Office 365 subscriptions. Once you agree to buy it, you will need to buy one drive at a time. Because the free space they give will run out quickly and you will need more space.

If you search from the general search system of Windows, you will see that the web results are coming from Bing. In this case, you are using Bing unknowingly. The more Microsoft acquires Windows users, the more automated Bing users there will be, and Microsoft will be able to attract more advertisers.

With Windows 10 you will see many third-party apps and games pre-installed. What are you thinking? Microsoft has already included these? They also earn a huge amount of money from these.

You can use it for free and with money, but they are getting users. They are able to add you to one platform, increasing their market share. They can easily show analytics that Windows E is the most used personal computer operating system in the world. And it benefits them!

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So isn’t Microsoft making money from Windows?

Brother is doing, earning huge money! They pocketed crores of rupees by selling licenses directly. Even if you are a normal user and use Windows by cracking, no one has anything to say to you. But companies can’t do that. They have to buy a license for each machine, or else Microsoft will be ready with “painful bamboo”. And thousands of companies have millions of such computers.

There is also a server version of Windows. All the Windows servers in the cloud run on a copy of the license. The cloud company must charge a license fee along with the monthly bill, so keep in mind that Windows servers are more expensive than Linux servers.

Moreover, if a computer manufacturing company sells their machine by marketing it as Windows supported, then they have to get a license from Microsoft. You may have already installed Windows on your laptop, for which your laptop manufacturer has to pay.

There are many more things, brother. They are making money in various ways. So, what if you didn’t pay directly? They will leave in a different way.

So hopefully you’ve got a fair overview so far. This is why Microsoft is now running Windows for free! It’s not from the mind, but playing a long game in the pursuit of making more money! As I said before, “When a company allows you to use something for free, understand that the product is yours!”

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