What is the harm of leaving the laptop unused for a long time?


I don’t know why anyone would want to do that, but there may be unique reasons. For example, in front of the test, but you are gaming on a laptop or working separately, so the study is not paying attention (and now the students are studying on the laptop, online classes, I talked about the previous era!) Then the laptop will keep Sindhu for a few months or weeks. Or whatever the reason, suppose you haven’t been able to use your laptop for a long time, what could be the problem? Or how to keep laptops safely unused in the right way? – Let’s discuss this in detail.

Unused laptop

All the people in the world are no longer made of my material! My own laptop has been out of order for almost two months now, I am writing this article from my mobile, and the content of the article is “What if the laptop is left unused for a long time?” How Fanny Is That? So whatever the reason for leaving the laptop, when you leave your laptop in the corner of the room without providing electricity for a long time, then there can be various types of problems. And yes, it is safe to say that not only laptops but also your desktop computer can cause many problems if you leave it for a long time.

Data loss

The first problem that can occur is “data loss”, which means your laptop’s hard drive may fail. See, a laptop is a portable computing machine. It has tiny electronic components fitted together just like puzzles. Hard drives on laptops are smaller than desktop drives, and can easily cause errors if left unused for long periods of time. However, the exact error depends on the environment in which you are storing the laptop.

Depending on the humidity and temperature of the environment, the hard drive of the laptop can be damaged. Sudden temperature changes can cause the hard drive’s internal components to increase in size or shrink over time. This can cause problems on the side of the hard drive where the hard drive has a head and is responsible for reading / writing data.

However, moisture can prove to be more deadly harmful. Water can easily conduct electricity, a small amount of moisture inside the hard drive is capable of causing large damage to the drive, and data loss.

If you have read these two articles on my computer memory and how hard drives work, let me know that computers are not good for memorizing but for forgetting! The hard drive is made of electricity with a special wheel that creates magnetism, and thus stores data. And if you don’t use the laptop for a long time, the hard drive’s magnetism will be lost day by day. This may lead to data loss.

Moreover, since the hard drive is a mechanical device, it can also cause mechanical errors. Solid-state drives, or SSDs for short – if left unused for long periods of time, can cause errors in their cells, leading to data loss.

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Laptop battery damage

In fact, after data loss, if the laptop is left unused for a long time, the battery of the laptop will start to deteriorate first. You know very well that laptop batteries contain certain types of chemicals, and these chemicals only work properly when they work.

If you leave the battery cell for a long time, the battery will be dead. Even if you don’t use it, the battery starts to discharge due to its own reaction. And discharging a lithium-ion battery with 0% is not an advantage at all.

So the best practice is to save the laptop by removing the battery from the laptop. Then install the laptop battery every week and recharge the battery for a few minutes or half an hour. This will keep the battery performance intact.

Errors in separate parts

Not only is there a fault in the hard disk or battery, but there may be faults in different parts depending on how long you have been using the laptop or how. For example, your laptop screen can be damaged due to moisture left for a long time. The BIOS battery may be dead. Excessive dirt can accumulate in the air cooling system of the laptop, the fan may stop working completely.

Again, not only hardware, if you leave the laptop for a long time, you will miss the critical security patch updates of your operating system, you will miss the antivirus database updates, all the software will be backdated by then. Yes, since you are not using a laptop, even if the software is backdated, it doesn’t matter, but if you forget about it while using it, it can be adulterated.

So you understand, if you leave the laptop for a long time, the danger is dangerous! Because this device must not have been made to be discarded, right? It’s completely different for a geek person like you, laptop/desktop is our life, meaning most of the day is spent in front of it. But if someone decides to leave the laptop for any reason, then you must open the battery, do not forget to recharge/discharge the battery regularly, store the laptop in a dry and stable temperature, and back up the necessary data.

And I will urge you to come back to your laptop as soon as possible without proving the cruelty too late, it saved the laptop from being damaged.

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