Intel-AMD joint productions (Processor)


Video Editing or Graphics Work But Your Laptop Is Slow? Laptop is stuck repeatedly to play games? There are many problems with many of its core processor and graphics card. Heavy burden of heavy laborer is heavy and huge. Which is not easily portable. Two silicon giant rivals Intel and AMD are coming forward for the first time in solving these problems.

Intel and AMD are the top two companies in the process of chip-making. There will be built-in high-speed graphics processors inside this processor. Laptops made of such processors will be light-weight, but a few times stronger than conventional laptops.

On Monday, Intel said in their press conference, Intel and AMD rivals Intel and AMD first time started working together. Their goal is to create more powerful and thin processor packages. Intel’s client computer assistant chief Chris Walker said in a press conference that this processor made by Intel and AMD will be half and ten times stronger than any current CPU / GPU package processor. Intel and AMD’s new chips will be Intel’s processor architecture and the specially designed AMD’s graphics processor package, which is quite small in size.

The processor is the brain of any computer where all information is processed. It is possible to edit the functions of minor graphics with a processor in a laptop that is commonly used. The faster the processor, the faster the laptop and the operating system will work. Graphics processor is a processor that runs all the graphics in the computer. This graphics processor works to play games from screen photos. The CPU and GPU are different in the current process known to the processors, so the chip size increases. As a result, laptop size is bigger.


AMD is dominating the market for its great graphics processor. The AMD’s Rising Series processor has created interest in Intel’s market. As well as many older Silicon brand Intel did not solve the problem even with the iWhen (i7) series cabie lake processor and 8 series coffee lake processors. So Intel and AMD are now compiling together a new processor for Intel’s I8 series. The main goal of the two silicon giant is to make AMD’s specially made graphics processors and HBM2 memory chips together in Intel processors. In this case Intel offers their EMIB (Embedded Multi-die Interconnect Bridge) technology and AMD’s offering their special team and graphics processor built on AMDirPolaris architecture. The result is 16 mm to 11 mm size processor, which is also slim than Mac’s 17mm processor. It can be found in lots of places and additional features. As a result, the front laptops are thin in size, just like they are very fast. Along with laptops, such as Dell-Lenovo -HePP will be available and the addition of powerful batteries is available.


Intel or AMD will not give any information about this new chip, but according to the data provided by PC World, the cost of laptops of this new series can be ranged from 1,200 to 30000 dollars, which is similar to other powerful PCs.

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