The third submarine cable is coming, with 10,000 Gbps


(SEA-ME-WE – 6)

Third submarine cable

Bangladesh is taking 10000 Gbps of bandwidth in the country’s third submarine cable.

The third submarine cable has already been finalized for the SEA-ME-WE- consortium.

Bangladesh signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on September 7 this year. About a year ago, the consortium’s entrepreneurs were informed by a letter that Bangladesh wanted to join it. Now it is finalized through negotiations.

The consortium has already met five times. The next meeting is in the Maldives. Bangladesh will be participating in the meeting, which will be held from October 20 to 26.

Bangladesh is taking 4 Terabit or 4 Gbps in two directions. From one Cox’s Bazar to Singapore to another Cox’s Bazar to France. Both of them do 3 terabits.

It is estimated that Bangladesh could cost as much as $ 1 million to buy half of a fiber pair for this bandwidth. It depends on many things.

So far, 5 countries or partners have decided to join the C-M-Wii consortium. By the end there may be two other countries or partners joining.

The higher the cost of participation in the consortium, the lower the cost. It will require 1 or 5 fiber pairs for each person. In that case, if the partner is 25, then this fiber pair will be 12. Then the cost can be different.

The tender of the consortium will be released this November (23). The tender will be dropping in January 2021, and then the consortium will go into contract making by the end of March of that year after the end of valuation. This date may be less than two months apart.

Postal and Telecommunications Minister Mostafa Jabbar said the decision to join SEA-ME-WE-6  for the third submarine cable has been finalized. Bangladesh has agreed within the stipulated time and will tender the contract as usual.

He said that the past six consortium of C-M-WI have been very successfully run. The cable line is not just a cable, the cable line is a signal-technically sound factor. Any consortium on this SEA-ME-WE route will now be successful.

The minister said a third cable landing station was being held at Cox’s Bazar. The first submarine cable station will be expanded here. Some additional issues will be added. He expects it to be a bit less.

“As planned, the third submarine cable will be launched commercially in the country by March 2021,” he said.

SEA-ME-WE is an acronym for Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Western Europe. The cable is placed through this area so that the name of each cable is connected. Such as SEA-ME-WE-5, SEA-ME-WE-4.

Among the countries in this area were Bangladesh, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, UAE, Djibouti, Egypt, Turkey, Italy, France, Myanmar, at the latest SEA-ME-WE consortium. Yemen. These 5 countries are linked to it by 5 landing points.

The new SEA-ME-WE–5 consortium has also joined countries from Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Western Europe.

The government says that the bandwidth of 1400 Gbps is being used in the country. Of these, the dual submarine cable 1 (cable capacity is 300 Gbps), the international terrestrial cable companies are importing 1 and the first submarine cable is coming in 400 Gbps.

Imdadul, general secretary of ISPAB, said that about 900 Gbps of bandwidth is being used through them.

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