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CNG-AutoCorrect is being added to the Ride Sharing app in the capital. One day after receiving Approval of the Raid Sharing Services through the app, ‘Hello’ was announced officially.

On Tuesday, at a press conference in the National Press Club, the ‘Hello‘ app announced Raid sharing service management organization Top Idea Implementation or Top Eye.

The company opened the ‘Hello‘ app in collaboration with the Dhaka City CNG Autorickshaw Owners Association Oikya Parishad and Dhaka District CNG Auto Workshop Oikya Parishad.

Top Ivy spokeswoman actress Rokeya East told Takeshwar, The app’s experimental identity and registration started on Tuesday. Our company has started working on the issue of AppRaid sharing services since 2015. The aim of the organization was to work with the entire domestic technology and generation of this country from the policies of the government.

The approval policy is due to be delayed due to the start of the tournament in 2015. Many other apps have already arrived. But we did not want to work outside the government’s decision, said Rokeya’s wall.

He said that until February 28, it will be run on an experimental basis to provide this service. By using the experiences we will be having during this operation, we will officially unveil the ‘Hello’ Ride-Sharing Service from March 1.

He told TechShare that the training of 500 CNG operators has been started to start the service.

CNG will be rented through the app, the first two kilometers approved by the government will be Tk 40, and the next 12 kilometers per kilometer. It also has to pay twice per minute.

CNG-driver owners have no complaints in the capital. Asked whether the CNG feels challenging to control such an app in such a situation, the actress said, “Of course this is a challenge for us.” But we want to work with the government. So that the customer-driver and the owner’s interests are not hampered by this.

At the press conference on Tuesday, senior officials of Dhaka City CNG Auto-rickshaw Business Owners Association Oikya Parishad, Dhaka District CNG Auto Workshop Oikya Parishad were present.

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