Protect yourself|PASSWORD SECURITY


Fact: About 20% of all passwords are easily guessed. Example of bad passwords: password, 12345, qwerty, yourname, yourbirthday, etc.

    1. The best way to prevent someone from getting your passwords, is to have a strong password to being withThe best passwords are 8+ characters long, contain at least 1 capital letter, and contain at least 1 number. This will make it almost impossible for your password to be bruteforced. What is Bruteforcing? Its when a hacker runs a program that trys every letter/number/symbol combination to guess your password. If you follow these tips for a stronger password, it will take years to bruteforce your password.


    1. Security questions. The easiest way someone can gain access into your accounts, is to guess the answers to the security questions of your account. These are the questions you’re asked when you first make an email account, like What was your first dogs name?. Make sure the security questions you choose have answers that aren’t easily guessable. If you have a security question that asks Where did you meet your spouse? this is a bad question to choose. Anyone who browses your facebook or asks someone you know can get the answer to this. So make sure you choose questions NO ONE knows the answer to, or make the answers something only you would know.


  1. Try not to use the same passwords for all of your accounts. Make your e-mail password different from your facebook password, and so on. If someone manages to get one of your passwords, they will have access to ALL your accounts if they use the same password.



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